The Perfect Festive Proposal

Ah yes, we’re getting to that time of year where a lot of people pop the question, and no I don’t mean “can I have a pumpkin spice latte please?” No, I’m talking about getting engaged. It happens every year, people really feel the love during the festive season and they certainly aren’t afraid to show it, and in a lot of instances, in the form of a proposal. I mean, if you log on to Facebook in January, if it seems like all of your friends got engaged, chances are they probably did.

In fact, the 3 days out of the year the most people get engaged are Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Who’d have thought eh?

I get it though, it’s already “the most wonderful time of the year” and everywhere looks pretty good across Christmas and New Year – fairy lights and joy in the air and all that business. I guess you can kinda see why people choose to ask the big Q at this time but as with anything, a festive proposal could be tricky. There’s already so much going on that thinking of quirky, memorable ideas to ask someone to marry you on top of everything else can seem a bit, well, overwhelming, not to mention it’s already a pretty expensive time of year!

However fret ye not my little lovebirds for if you’re hoping to propose over Christmas and New Year, or if you’re hoping to plant significant amount of seeds for your other half, I’ve been chatting away to a few helpful folk who’ve come up with some wonderful ideas. Oh and I’ve also found some STUNNING, affordable rings for so that you can still find the perfect one without rendering yourself homeless at Christmas. Thoughtful aren’t I? For now


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